A special technique creates this Uzbek Signature dish- a pilaf made with select rice in a succulent lamb broth with carrots, onions and raisins. Comes with fresh lamb and side of cucumber and tomatoes.

¼ pound house-made Pastrami (cured, smoked and steamed) topped with Swiss Cheese, house-made sauerkraut, our pomegranate-garlic aioli Tiaga and pickle on rye marble bread with a side of seasoned pan-fried potato.

3 types of meat almost one pound total. (Usually kielbasa, pulled pork, brisket or pastrami) Fresh salad on side, house souses.

Juice, seasoned ground turkey and rice rolled in grape leaves, cooked slow, served with house Tajiki saouce.

Whether you call them ‘Perogi’ as in Poland or ‘Vareniki’ as in Ukraine and Russia, these delicious house-made dumplings are stuffed with potatoes and onions and topped with cheese, caramelized onions and sour cream. Side of vinaigrette coleslaw.

We make it vegan with mushrooms, beans, beets, potato, cabbage, carrots, bell peppers, onions... This soup full of vitamins and fiber! Great for any diet!

Juicy seasoned chicken breast cutlet, lightly breaded, pan fried and served with roasted potatoes with cheese and a side of vinaigrette coleslaw.

Our multiple Grand Champion winner! House-made sausage created from select parts of pork, served with house-made sauerkraut, pan fried seasoned potatoes, topped with shredded cheese and a side of house horseradish mustard.

This large gluten-free Cabbage Roll known as ‘Holubtsi’ may be the best known of Polish delights! Seasoned ground Turkey, ground beef and rice rolled in a cabbage leaf and baked. Served with creamy tomato sauce, pan fried, seasoned potatoes topped with cheese and a side of sour cream.